for Landscape Architects
1)  Sprinkler System Design Includes:
    a)  100% coverage all landscapped areas, conventional and/or with low volume sprinkler equipment.
    b)  Booster Pump Stations any size for any type of project
    b)  Rainwater Harvest Tanks and pumps and filters, designed to meet LEED requirements
    c)  Fountain Aerator's, ponds & lakes
    d)  Master Satellite Control packages, 2-Wire Path or Conventional Controller's
    e)  Specializing in Low Volume Drip Irrigation when required especially for LEED projects
    f)   Agricultural Irrigation for all applications, row crops, Orchards, Cranberry’s, Blue Berries, Strawberries, etc
    g)  Municipal Waste Water Spray Fields

Construction Documents
   •  Specification package on plans or specification booklet  
   •  Details - comprehensive assemblies includes all materials specified with manufacturer's model numbers
       Note: Details are our specialtiy, we can forward you a set of details in PDF upon request
   •  Office standards - we match your office standards in line color, weight and font styles in every way 
   •  Schedules - include all material's, critical analysis from POC to last head, Valve & Water schedules,
      includes all reference notes for all speciality items on the plans
   •  We insert the plan in your title block ready to plot or provide the plans in DWG or PDF's format ready to plot

Computer Technology (State of the Art)
   •  AutoCAD 2015 – drafting engine with LandFX Irrigation design software.
   •  LandFX: software provides cross system checks: 
      a. System analysis, verify hydraulics from POC to last sprinkler head 
      b. Checks for crossed lateral lines to verify all jumper's  are correctly in place 
      c. Check all sprinkler heads and all other equipment is correctly attached to the piping network
      d. Checked to ensure all "Sprinkler Spacing", is based on 100% overlap coverage
      e. All hydraulics have been done, all pipe sized, and tested to be 100% correct
   •  Detail Library - High quality "Details" that cover all material assemblies with Mfg., Model Numbers
   •  Schedule’s:
      a. Critical Analysis from POC to the last sprinkler head. 
      b. Valve & Water Time Runtime Schedules & Reference Notes have all been placed  
  •  Information Retriever
      a. Software that collects and cross references all project information to find it fast when we need it!
      b. All project are saved in perpetuity on both our Solid State Drives ad CD for future reference

Type of irrigation system design's:
1) Government: Municipal, City Parks & Buildings, Cal-Trans & DOT Road & Freeway, Streetscapes & Military Bases
     Waste Water Spray Fields, City Schools w/Sports Fields, State Universities and Air Ports, i.e., "Atlanta International". 
2) Residential Housing: Multi-family Housing & Large Estates, Apartment and Condo Complexes,
3)Schools: Private Schools, Universities and Professional Sports Fields, i.e., Baseball, Football, Soccer complexes
4) Commercial: Strip Malls, large Shopping Center Malls, Box Store, i.e., Walmart, Lowes, Publix, ABC Liquor, 
    Entertainment Parks, i.e., Disney Land & Disney Cruise Termial in Port Canaveral, FL.
5) Industrial: Office Parks, Manufacturing Companies, i.e., Xerox, Coring Ware, G.E., etc.
6) Specialty: Golf Course Design, Rainwater Harvest Tanks, Lake Fountain's & Aerator’s,
7) Booster Pumps & Well, Lake and Retention Pump Stations, Automatic Backflush Filtration & Automatic Fertilization 
8) LEED Certified Designs when applicable or requested. 

Expert Witness: Testify in court on behalf of victims injured by incorrectly installed irrigation systems

* Our plans are based on the allowable budget for each project. Each project is different, from recreation theme parks to 
  low-income apartment complex's.  You give us a budget and we'll design a system around that budget.  
  We know how to reduce costs without cutting quality by value engineering the system from start to finish! 

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